The Atelier Arts website aims to showcase paintings, sculptures, printmaking, ceramics, photography and murals by Contemporary Indian Artists for the discerning collector. Apart from exhibiting our collection of art works, the site will also have regular online shows, artists of the month and articles on art. Although we are starting out in the cyber format, we plan to hold regular physical exhibitions, workshops etc to make our vision more comprehensive and concrete. Our team consists of individuals from different walks of life, all sharing the same passion- Art. And it is this passion that we strive to communicate through this website. The company will also provide advice on acquisitions of works for individual or corporate collection as well as services for framing, transport and photography of artworks. Atelier Arts has its focus on the bridging of the gap between the artists and the art lover, hence our vision is intrinsically entwined with creating a personalized relationship with the artist. Atelier Arts will show not only eminent and established artists, but we also hope to find and nurture talent and provide support to young, upcoming as well as unknown, talented artists. Art enthusiasts and buyers from all over the world will have the opportunity to view and acquire works which have been chosen by the Atelier Arts team not just for commercial reasons, but because we are passionate about these artists and their art works. So welcome to Atelier; we look forward to sharing our passion for our artists with you.




    Subir Chowdhury

    Managing Director


    Subir Chowdhury is an Artist; an alumnus of the Indian College of Art, Kolkata.


    He retired a few years back as Head of the Art Department of a reputed public school of New Delhi. During all the years of his art career, he has been the Vice President of Canvas Artists Circle, Kolkata and recipient of awards from All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, New Delhi and State Lalit Kala Academy, Rajasthan. He has participated in several all India and state exhibitions and exhibited in several prestigious art camps and group shows throughout India. For him “Atelier Arts” is an effort to bridge up the gap between the artists and the art lovers.


    Amrita Chowdhury 

    Founder & Director


    Amrita graduated from Delhi University with a MBA in Marketing. She has had a long Corporate Career in Investment Banking. Now, a Delhi based entrepreneur Amrita also leads a wealth management company. Art, entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, and exploring are a few of her interests. Her passion lies in discovering talent and using her own gifts to help showcase this talent to the world. She herself has pursued visual arts. Amrita has participated and won a number of state level and International art competitions during her early years….She also enjoys travelling, hot cups of coffee, dancing, music, writing, and problem solving. She has had so many invaluable experiences working on her dream project “Atelier Arts”. Amrita is dedicated to improving the organization daily. She is confident that “Atelier Arts” will continue to grow and evolve into an organization that will play a pivotal role in the art industry. As Director of the Arts, Amrita oversees the promotion of art works, artist acquisitions and gallery collaborations. Amrita wishes to thank everyone for visiting and supporting her mission!


    Amit Arora  



    Amit graduated from the Cardiff University, United Kingdom with a MBA in Marketing. He has worked in various industries like Banking and Hospitality. Apart from his passion for visual arts, he is an entrepreneur and leads a wealth management company based in Delhi. Having spent a lot of time in India and UK both, he values the distinctive diversity of our culture. With a burning curiosity coupled with an unsatisfied hunger for understanding, “Atelier Arts” is perfect for him. His role in this company is to look after the overall operations, public relations and client relationship management. As a team, he believes “Atelier Arts” communicates first class style by which all design follows. He believes Atelier Arts attention to each detail concerning artists and their work gives us the thoughtful edge.