Kushal Ray

born 1960 in Kolkata, worked as a sports journalist with The Telegraph. He began photography seriously and published a series of photo-essays in the same paper.

 The main protagonists of his photographic oeuvre are the ordinary people. In his stark, black and white pictures, Kushal shares with the viewer the mundane drama of everyday life He believes that for him, photography is the best medium through which he can engage more closely with the people of his country. He feels that his humanistic philosophy always finds some resonance in his work. His book INTIMACIES with author Kunal Basu has some of his most outstanding work. His camera seeks the grim, the unbeautiful, the indistinct, the face that has stories hidden in its creases.

Kushal Ray has taken part in several major international photography exhibitions. His book INTIMACIES with author Kunal Basu was nominated for the Best Photobook Award at Le Bal in Paris in 2012. His  works are in the collections of, among others, the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi and Grauwert Gallery, Germany. He also held two solo exhibitions of his paintings and drawings in Kolkata where he lives . 


Works by Kushal Ray