Jagganath Mohapatra

Born 1969, Orissa did his B.F.A. (1999) from Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan. Visva Bharati & his M.F.A (2001) from M.S University Baroda.
Jagannath Mohapatra is known to be an artist who follows his heart. He puts forward his views through his paintings, but leaves it to the viewers to draw their own conclusions. Jagannath chooses painterly themes that are contemporary in context. This sensitive and socially conscious painter creates thought-provoking works that act like a mirror, and make the viewers confront the harsh realities of life. His visual realm is invariably linked to the realities of life. He belongs to the generation of young painters who ground their visuals on the unreality of the realistic image that they encounter in the media around them.
Mohapatra has shown in several important exhibitions including Feb Group show ABS Bayer Gallery; Annual Show, Birla Academy, Kolkata; Drawing An Act Of Art ”Priyasri Art Gallery; Grave In The Ocean” Sarjan Art Gallery; “Vortex” in Kalaghoda, Mumbai ; Generation To and Fro, Gallery Kaleidoscope, Baroda
‘New Mediatic Realism’ curated Nancy Adajania; ABS Bayer Gallery Baroda; Group Show in Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata; Group show in Jehangir Art Gallery Bombay; Group show in Son Et Lumiere Art Gallery Bombay; Group show in Nazar Art Gallery Baroda.

He is also a recipient of The National Scholarship of Govt. of India, Lions Club scholarship (Orissa) and the
Krishna Reddy scholarship.

Jagannath Lives & works in Baroda

Works by Jagganath Mohapatra

  • Jagganath Mohapatra


    Oil & Acrylic on Canvas