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Welcome to a treasure trove of fine art at Atelier Arts. Browse through our exclusive content. Buy authentic artworks. We have many artworks which make wonderful statement art pieces for the home, office or hotels. A piece of original contemporary art can enhance any room and complement your home or office. Our online artists are carefully selected to bring a wide range of high quality art to our customers. Apart from art we also provide several other services for our clients:


Art Advisory

In our capacity as a Wealth Management Firm, we already advise private individuals as well as companies. We are now turning that business acumen as well as passion towards fine arts. As art advisors we can propose works in all media including painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, mural & printmaking, inclusive of all their sub-genres for our clients. We customize suggestions to your specific brief and preferences, whether you wish to acquire one stand-out piece or a collection of works; our team will respond to you personally. Talk with our advisors for buying advice or to help you find the art that's perfect for you. We will make it our mission to find works that suit your needs.

We can tailor our advice around:

Your budget

Dimensions required by height and width

Medium if you have a preference (e.g. painting, photography, ceramics)

Preferred styles & subject matter (e.g. portraiture, landscapes, etc)


Appraisal & Valuation

Investing in art is like investing in your own sense of aesthetics. It is a possession, that apart from being appreciated for owning, you will also derive personal pleasure from. Collecting art can be one of the most enjoyable investments. However, however much a work of art is appreciated for its aesthetic merit, the collector still needs to know the financial value of the artwork. This where we come in with our expert advice; we offer appraisal and valuation to help the buyer make prudent buying & selling decisions.


Display Services & Door to door delivery

You have just bought a wonderful piece of art - now just LEAVE THE REST UP TO US.

Original artworks can be booked online and delivered directly to your door (or desk) anywhere in the world. If you buy any artwork from us, you have 14 days to live with the piece, and make sure that it fits in with your taste. If not, you can return the artwork to us for an exchange. Every art work is unique and as it is an investment. As such it requires to be handled with utmost care; they must also be displayed to enhance its aesthetic qualities. This includes selection of the perfect space for its display, the framing of the work, to its lighting as well. We have tied up with reputed framers, packers & movers. If the buyer so wants we will take care of these services


Authentication and Certification

An original piece of work is the only smart investment in art. It is a misconception that good reproductions and reprints of paintings are a good investment. Reproductions and reprints of canvases serve purely decorative purposes.

At Atelier Arts we are committed to provide absolutely genuine artworks to our patron & art buyers. A separate Certificate of Authenticity will be issued for each work of art purchased from our website. This certificate will carry the image & complete details of the artwork and will be signed directly by the artist. The authenticity certificate is sent to the buyer in 2-3 weeks after the purchase transaction has been completed.